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Business Assessments

Business Assessments

(Where are you now and where are you headed)

It is critical to know how to interpret data realistically and in context.  That is why it is important to work with an experienced and certified advisor to understand what the data is telling him.  We believe in a holistic approach to corporate renewal and improvement.  With that in mind, we study the big picture when we look at a client company.

Business Health Summary

Our comprehensive Business Assessment Report provides business owners with detailed information, commentary and recommendations regarding a company’s financial management and risks.  In addition, we provide financial projections, what-if analysis and DCF Valuations. The Assessment identifies exceptions and opportunities in critical. business consultant, consulting

    • Cash flow
    • Debt structure
    • Financial controls
    • Working capital
    • Long-term plans

Breakeven Analysis & Commentary

By determining exactly how much revenue a business needs in order to meet all the expenses and have a break-even profit, an owner will know the minimum amount of business that is required to keep the doors open.  During  this analysis we will find opportunities to be exploited to increase net and gross profit

Gross Margin & Contribution Analysis Summary

Business Assessment ReportMany business owners do not know how much they really make from each product/service they sell, how much of each product/service sale actually makes it to the bottom line.  During this analysis we will point out if you have any products/services that may actually cost your company profits.  Likewise, we will show you how to increase profits immediately.

Lender/CPA Reports: Business Health & Risk Assessments

Burke provides several professional services to lenders and accounting firms.  Among these services are various styles of business assessment and intelligence reports.

Guiding & Implementing

Of course, we provide you with the results of our assessment.  But, we take it farther than most “business consultants” or “executive coaches”.  We continue to work with you, guiding you as you plan for the future and begin to implement your vision.  We will set up a timetable and provide tools to help you and your business achieve its long-term goals!


As you encounter day-to-day business problems and need advice we will be there for you and/or your successors. Whether you need to conduct a comparative what-if analysis or need advice on how decisions will affect cash flow, just pick up the telephone. Our business model evolves around the long-term success of our clients!

Would you like to use business assessments to help understand where you are now and where you are headed?

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