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Better Management

Better Management = $$$

What kind of boss are you?

I run a very busy business and as a result, I really don’t have the time, nor the interest frankly, to be all warm and fuzzy with my employees. I feel that I pay them a fair wage and as a result they should just do their job. They shouldn’t need a bunch of “Atta Boys!” from me. Yes, I have heard rumblings, and I do have fairly high turnover, but that’s the breaks of the game as I see it.
Well, I am sure glad that I don’t work for you (actually, I’m thrilled I don’t work for anyone, but that’s a different column).

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Are You Heading For Trouble?

The subject is real. Trouble is on the minds of some business owners because of today’s economy. And it should be in Better Managementthe case of many others.

What is Trouble? The dictionary definition – “A state of distress, danger, affliction, or need.” Certainly distress – certainly a need to get help. 

Trouble can come from a variety of circumstances. The obvious signs are rarely the root cause of the problem. Losing money isn’t the problem; it is the result of other problems. 

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Simple Management Secrets (Allan Mullaly)

The Simple Management Secrets Behind Mulally’s Ford Turnaround

If there were a Hall of Fame for business leaders, Alan Mulally would surely earn a spot. Ford Motor’s F -1.01% retiring president and chief executive led one of the most successful corporate turnarounds in history, and he did so amidst the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

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Activity Based Working

What is activity-based working?

Activity-based working (ABW) are work environments that do away with the confines of individual offices and desks. They replace them with the freedom to roam about with a laptop and other essentials only. No more red stapler (Where is that darn thing, anyway?) or family photos on your desk (Sorry, honey).

Instead, areas (or “neighborhoods”) are populated with sofas, easy chairs, diner-style booths, coffee bars and community pods, to name a few. The sizes of the neighborhoods are predetermined based on the activity and the number of people doing the activity. Some areas allow for quiet focusing, others teamwork, and some for just socializing. In the ABW approach, you can work anywhere in the building where you can plug in.

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